Integrated Facility Management Services

CIS offers the best in class services across all industries and multiple sites with a robust and systematic service delivery model, designed to complement the strategic and operational objectives of an organization. Integrating key functions like processes and technologies with people to ensure flexibility for future integration CIS has partnered with clients to deliver and maintain consistently high service levels, operational efficiency and continuous improvement. Reduced down time, maximizing revenues with lower operating costs, eliminating duplications are some of our key result areas.

Rather than working though complex supply chains which only duplicate management levels, we provide all of our services through our own teams. Backed up with our state-of-the-art web-based management system, monitoring our performance and your property performance couldn’t be easier. No matter what the level of facility management that you require, we pride ourselves on giving you both the efficiency savings of outsourcing, tied with the same degree of control you would have if you provided these services in house.

Our IFM Services includes

  • HVAC Plant Maintenance
  • Substation Maintenance
  • Lifts/Elevators Maintenance
  • CCTV Maintenance
  • Fire Fighting Maintenance
  • Housekeeping Services
  • SEWAGE Treatment Plant Maintenance
  • Water Treatment Plant Maintenance

Site glimpses of IFM projects