Allied Services

  • Large vendor database with rate contracts with many suppliers and service providers.
  • Quick Decision Making & Execution and Effectively maintain Accounts & Vendors.
  • Considerably Reduced OPEX costing.
  • Respond to clients needs on time with quality.
  • Being technically competent, good knowledge of planning, execution & quality of technical / R&M jobs.
  • Communicate decisions at all levels of the organization ensuring transparency for client & organization.
  • Allied services detailed analysis report share with sourcing and Admin team regularly.

Facade Services

The facade of your building is exposed to the ravages of environment and weather, such as rain, dust, pollution etc. In order to maintain clean exterior, we recommend using our facade and window cleaning service. Regular cleaning and maintenance is important so as to increase the longevity of building material and maintain property value. A sparkling clean facade also leaves a positive impression on visitors.

We offer window and facade cleaning service for every type of business including showrooms, offices, factories, schools and commercial complexes. Whatever the height of the building, we provide an efficient, safe and high quality window cleaning service, even where access is a problem. Our staff is trained in cleaning different types of surfaces such as glass, plastic, stone, etc.

Carpet & Upholstery

CIS offers complete Carpet & Upholstery cleaning solutions to meet the daily needs of clients. Our services help in protection from dirt, easy maintenance, wear & tear and removal of stains.
A regular clean up can reduce allergies caused by soiled carpets or upholstery. We only use environment friendly products and green cleaning solutions to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Methodologies of cleaning:

  • Dry Foam Shampooing
  • Injection and Extraction

Marble Crystallization

Crystallization is a method of marble floor finishing. Its brings mirror like shine by chemical reaction on the surface of marble. Crystallization also creates micro film on the surface of marble, which is more solid and durable and helps to preserve the color and the brightness of the marble. Crystallization is a very good method for regular stone maintenance.

Our marble floor restoration polishing treatment uses diamond pads to grind down the surface of your marble, bringing out a fresh layer of stone. Then we use successively finer grade pads to bring the surface of your marble to a mirror like shine.

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